Special resins for composite applications

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Special resins for composite applications

RD-0187 is an epoxy resin which has been specifically developed for composite applications, in particular for vacuum resin infusion and injection processes. Its low viscosity ensures a good infiltration and wetting of the fibre fabrics. When cured with an adequate curing agent, such as Q-RIT 120, RD-0187 provides excellent temperature and chemical resistance to the finished cured product. RD-0187 is crystallisation-resistant.

E-Pos 573 is an epoxy resin developed for use in fibre reinforced laminates, for example to make bonded joints for pipes or for any hand lay-up application. E-Pos 573 is based on bisphenol A and a multifunctional diluent which ensures the formation of a tight, resistant cured network.

@ 25°C,
Equivalent weight,
Uses and comments
800 - 1300
160 – 175
Liquid bisphenol A/bisphenol F-based resin diluted with a difunctional diluent. Excellent mechanical properties. For composites applications, civil engineering formulations and solventfree coatings.
 E-Pos 573
2800 - 3800
171 - 181
Liquid bisphenol A-based resin diluted with a multifunctional reactive diluent. For composite applications such as laminates.

In addition, we develop and produce new resin mixtures at the request of our customers. So, if you do not find the blend of your choice here or in our standard grade range, please do contact us and let's discuss.