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Green epoxy composites

QR-Polymers have developed systems with a high renewable (bio) carbon content which are suitable for the production of environmentally friendly fibre reinforced laminates. The systems are suitable for wet lay-up and various types of injection moulding. The systems are designed to cure at ambient temperature, but heat can also be used to accelerate cure rate, increase production efficiency and reach optimal final properties.

The high renewable content systems are certified under the United States Department of Agriculture's (USDA's) BioPreferred® program and carry the USDA BioPreferred® label.

To download the High Renewable Content Composites technical bulletin,  click here.

Table tops & thick castings

The resin is made from renewable raw materials sourced from plants. The high renewable content of the systems is certified under the United States Department of Agriculture's BioPreferred® program.

QR Polymers have developped two epoxy systems for use in decorative applications such as epoxy-wood tables, bar or other countertops, river tables, ornamental objects (night lamps, art castings,…) and more hobby, decoupage and DIY applications.

These systems are water-white transparent and can easily be pigmented/coloured if suited. The cured products are hard, scratch resistant and whitstand humidity very well.

The two systems differ by the reactivity of the curing agent. The fastest system is suited for thin layers (varnishes) up to thin castings. For thicker castings, it is advised to use the less reactive/low exotherm system. See details below.

The technical bulletin on these systems for decoupage and decorative table tops can be downloaded here.


Resin:hardener system
Volume ratio: 2:1
Initial mix viscosity
Approximate working life (a)
E-Pos 978 + Q-RIT 3693406029% biocarbon content (b)
E-Pos 978 + Q-RIT 369LE50010029% biocarbon content (b)
Q-RIT 369 is a 50/50 mixture of Q-RIT 368 and Q-RIT 306
Q-RIT 369LE has a modified additive package to Q-RIT 369
(a) 12 g mass @ 23°C, working life is an estimate and will vary with volume and temperature
(b) Certified by USDA

UV resistance

Epoxy systems have a natural tendency to yellow. However, careful choice of the raw materials and formulation optimisation can greatly improve the UV resistance of these systems and slow down the yellowing process tremendously.

Q-RIT 369 is a new solventfree amine adduct developed to provide enhanced UV resistance to the finished epoxy product. This curing agent can therefore be used in all kinds or applications where improved yellowing resistance or increased colour stability is suited, e.g. low yellowing floorings or decorative applications.

E-Pos 931 is a water-white cycloaliphatic epoxy resin with superior UV resistance. It is ideal for use in solventfree varnishes or in light color coatings, e.g. for application on wood.

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