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E-Pos 516 is a resin diluted with the glycidyl ester of neodecanoic acid as monofunctional reactive diluent. It ensures good pigment and substrate wetting, good flow and can be formulated in a variety of applications such as self-leveling floorings, trowellable floorings, mortars or coatings for concrete.

E-Pos 513 is a low viscosity epoxy resin useful when some extra chemical resistance is required. In self-levelling floorings, its low viscosity will ensure easy processing and good flow. In mortars, E‑Pos 513 enables high filler loadings and good substrate wetting. Thanks to its excellent chemical resistance, E-Pos 513 is ideal for the formulation of floorings for industrial environments or laboratories. E‑Pos 513 is crystallisation-resistant.


(% m/m)
Viscosity @25°C (mPa.s)EW
Uses and comments
E-Pos 513100700-1100180-195≤1Bisphenol A-based resin diluted with cresylglycidylether. Excellent chemical resistance. For chemically resistant floorings, mortars, adhesives or solvent-free coatings.
E-Pos 516100500-900190-200≤1Bisphenol A-based resin diluted with the glycidyl ester of neodecanoic acid. For self-leveling or trowellable floorings, mortars, adhesives or solvent-free coatings.

We have also developed systems with a high renewable (bio)carbon content which are suitable for the production of epoxy floorings and ambient cure two pack epoxy adhesives.

These high renewable content systems are certified under the United States Department of Agriculture's (USDA's) BioPreferred® program and carry the USDA BioPreferred® label.

The systems are suitable for all types of floorings such as self-leveling or trowelable as well as fast cure two pack adhesives. They are water white and have a superior colour stability than conventional epoxy systems for floorings.

The High Renewable Carbon Content Systems for the Production of Floorings and Adhesives bulletin can be downloaded here.

In addition, we develop and produce new resin mixtures at the request of our customers. So, if you do not find the blend of your choice here or in our standard grade range, please do contact us and let's discuss.

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